Who the Fund Supports

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Who the Fund Supports

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FGF initially focused on purchasing school books, clothing and footwear, providing them with tutoring and after-school enrichment, and arranging vocational training courses.


Since 2006, FGF has broadened its activities to include physical fitness and sports activities, as well as psychological evaluations and counseling for youth in order to keep them gainfully occupied and safe from violence and abuse. In addition, underprivileged families have been provided with assistance to purchase appliances, access medical care and even basic needs.


These youngsters have had their education, if not their lives, transformed as a result of the help and encouragement provided by the FGF. Talented teenagers from large families, illiterate parents, single parent families and orphans have become engineers, hi-tech operators, teachers, nurses, opticians, police investigators, security and army officers.


Many receivers have been school dropouts who, after having been referred to the FGF, completed their Bagrut school examinations; former petty criminals and drug addicts have succeeded in life and raised families.

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