Structure of the FGF

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Structure of the FGF

July 19, 2017 Profile 0

Just passed his 90th birthday, Meir Abelson retired from his charitable work. Today, the main membership of the FGF comprises of ten volunteers, mainly established business people from the Jerusalem area. Each brings with them their experiences in commerce and in charity.

In terms of expenses, launching a new website is probably one the heaviest investments in recent years. To date, publicity has been primarily word of mouth.

Attached are the documents showing that FGF is fully compliant with government regulations for charities. A copy of audited accounts is available by request.

Meir Abelson has retired to a home, just outside Jerusalem.


The Future Generation Fund (FGF) has always focused on helping child children in Israel from disadvantaged backgrounds find a way to become positive members of the community. The aim has always been to use small sums, which can make a big difference. And here the list becomes near endless

  • Bus fares
  • Extra tuition in core subjects
  • Dental treatment, so a child does not face bullying
  • Paying a debt to a local grocery shop so that the family has food on the table
  • Payment of vocational training
  • Purchasing school text books.
  • Paying for evaluations by child psychologists

And a long list of unexpected one-off payments that will make a big positive difference to the functioning of the family as a unit together.

When considering each request, the fund has three criteria,:

  1. A) Each case must be supported by a recognized social worker
  2. B) If a parent has preferred to study rather than to work, the case is frequently rejected.
  3. C) FGF very rarely supports 100% of each case. It believes that the family must make a contribution in order for the donation to be fully appreciated

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