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Contact Information
The Future Generation Fund


Gadi Schwartz – Tel: 052-2868252
E-Mail –

How to send Donations

Director General of the Association –
Ramal Lavie
E-Mail –

Ways to Donate
1. Donation to the “Future Generation Foundation”
For delivery to the members of the Committee, or by mail to the address as indicated in the enclosed envelope

2. Bank transfer to the Khan Trust entitled “Dor Atid Fund”
Bank of Agudat Israel Operations (52) Kanfei Nesharim Branch (182) Account no. 725951

3. Providing standing orders at the Bank for the transfer of a fixed monthly amount
To the credit of the aforesaid Fund account

4. Donation to credit card / Pay Pal
By petitioning

We appeal to those who are able to make a significant contribution in responding to requests
Whose examples appear on the site in the column of donations.

Many contributed to the occasion of a happy family event –
A birthday, the birth of a grandson, a jubilee, and a recovery from illness, or a vow to give charity,
Or even with the conclusion of a good deal, as well as an annual contribution to commemorate a relative.

Think about it – and join them too!