Case Studies

Bringing hope to everyone!


Most of ‘clients’ are referred to the FGF by registered social workers. The fund is provided with a background letter and relevant supporting documentation.


In addition, the FGF has its own criteria. For example, the fund tends not to help families, where an adult has opted for fulltime religious study as opposed to looking to secure income.


It is impossible to detail the thousands of stories where the Future Generation Fund has been involved over the years. And some of the most inspiring involve those people, who are now able to “give back”, having once themselves received support.


·         ZZ is the third of four young children, three of whom suffer from different physical disabilities. The parents have little regular income. He is 3 years old and bares a rare genetic disorder called Cri Du Chat. Therefore he needs special medical equipment, valued at 12,000 nis (approx 2,000 Pounds). He can receive a partial subsidy from the Ministry of Health for 6,000 nis and other small donations. The FGF was asked to contribute 2,000 nis.


·         A 10 year girl with Downs Syndrome is one of six children. Both parents work. However, because of the severity of the problem, they need to find and pay for proper afternoon care. FGF is contributing 300 nis per month to ensure this happens.


·         A divorced mother, with 5 children at home and who is not receiving financial support from her former husband, was faced with a broken fridge and washing machine. The FGF provided 2,000 nis towards one of the machines.


Two favourite stories date back to 2011:

A)     Meir Abelson, the founder of FGF, was in the Mevasseret branch of Bank Leumi. The teller gave him a wide smile and said: “Don’t you remember me? I was one of the girls at the Gilo Comprehensive School who you helped. Because of that I was able to get this job.”


B)      A few weeks previously, Meir Abelson answered the telephone. The caller said: “You probably don’t remember me; I am the mother of ——-who received educational grants from your Fund some years ago. I simply had to tell you that tomorrow she will receive her master’s degree.”


Every few months, Meir Abelson, who continues his duties as director, publishes a newsletter, summarizing more recent stories. What follows is typical of his journals.

Ø  Last month we had a telephones call from a 19-year old boy. He said that he would begin his army service the next day, and wanted to thank us for the help we had given him in achieving academic success, as a result of which he has had been accepted into the Army intelligence division.

Ø  A week ago I encountered a 17-year old from Bet Shemesh. He comes from a family with 9 children; both parents work. We helped him with money to buy food and with extra coaching. Four years ago the entire class was due to be expelled for bad behaviour. We interceded with the head teacher because we were convinced that he was good material. He has just completed 12th grade successfully, and has found work until he starts his army service.

Ø  Every erev Rosh Hashana I receive a telephone call from one of our earliest cases in Jerusalem. His father was an illiterate gardener, and his mother was paralysed. He has reached a high position in high-tech as a result of the educational help we gave him. Without it he would no doubt have been condemned for life ignorant of his potential.

Ø  For years every week, just before Shabbat, I receive a telephone from our very first social case in Carmiel, Eli.  He was terribly abused by foster parents. The Future Generation Fund was convinced that he was cut out to be a social worker, and thus financed his education. After his graduation he was appointed youth counselor at the Carmiel Municipality in Galilee, where, in partnership with FGF, he has made a success of literally hundreds of problem youth – drug addicts, attempted suicides, dropouts, petty criminals, and others who could not have succeeded in life without our joint efforts. Not only that, but many of them have taken it upon themselves to help other as they were helped………. A few months ago FGF received a richly decorated plaque from a group of about twenty of them –. today family men with children. They expressed in lavish and even emotional terms their appreciation of what the Fund has done for them.

These are just a few instances of what The Future Generation Fund has achieved. Sadly it now receives applications from second and third generations all over the country, which in too many case are rejected for lack of finances.