2105 Interim Report: (January – August 2015)

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2105 Interim Report: (January – August 2015)

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21 September 2015


As I write this report, we are in the middle of the period of reflection. The festivals of Rosh Hashanah, Yom Kippur and Succot call on us to examine what we have done right over the past 12 months and then to consider what we can improve. And this includes our efforts at the Future Generation Fund (FGF).

One factor has not changed. When evaluating cases, our key criteria remain in place: –

  • A full report from the social worker
  • Ensuring that the parent(s) are trying to work, where possible
  • FGF ensures that the family covers at least a small part of each purchase.


We look at our work through 4 areas: young children, teenagers, families and other needs.

  1. A) Children

Along with young teenagers, this remains a core element of FGF’s work. We continue to provide extra-curricula tuition. In parallel, there has been a slight shift to other activities such as sport, crafts, art etc. The aim has been to extend the creative vision of the child in order that they strive for a positive alternative to the difficult circumstances of home life.

  1. B) Youth

Much effort has been made to fund courses that will enable applicants to learn the basics of a profession, a central dynamic at FGF. They will obtain an initial level of financial independence. Therefore, we support a wide and growing range of subjects including computers, mobiles, teaching, cosmetics and much more.

Just as important, we still fund cases where the teenager is unable to pay for bagruyot – school exams for 18 year olds.

  1. C) Families

We are still inundated with special requests about families lacking basic facilities such as blankets, beds or even a simple cooking facility. And we are called on to help out where the debts for electricity or other utilities have reached the level of probable disconnection.

  1. D) Others

One-off support has included:

  • Subsidising payments for daily crèches so that women can go out to work.
  • Supplying 70 families with coupons during Purim to the sum of about US$100 each.
  • Supporting one case where the child went on a school Holocaust seminar in Poland.


I shall refer briefly to two typical issues that the FGF has faced this year.

  1. A) The FGF was asked to consider a single mother with two children, each suffering a medical syndrome. There is also a 20 year ‘boy’ with Downs. He needs constant help, including oxygen, and then he was diagnosed with a visual impediment.

In order to improve his home surroundings and quality of life, FGF contributed towards buying him a special computer screen. And thus, we enabled the mother to devote more time and attention to her other children.

  1. B) We received a report of a father bringing up three children by himself, because the mother began to suffer from mental illness and eventually left home. In parallel, he was faced with growing debts. We provided funds to purchase games and other similar equipment for the home, where there was no such stimuli for the youngsters.


The health of Meir and Elaine Abelson remains a subject for concern. Our thoughts are never far from these wonderful people.

I also want to take this opportunity to highlight that in the past 2 years, we have added 4 members to the management team. They alone have been responsible for raising at least 40,000 nis – the money is still coming in – during the current New Year Period.

We will gradually introduce them all. Here, I will mention Ramal Lavie. Ex yeshiva student and a graduate in Business Management, he was a CEO of a successful computer company in Jerusalem. Today, he is a freelance expert in sales and real estate. He has become involved in a voluntary capacity is several charitable projects.

What is encouraging is that FGF is gradually finding additional people to help in its work and to fund newer parts of the operation. And yes, these are aspects that we still need to improve upon. The progress is challenging, yet beginning to bear fruit.

The Future Generation Fund wishes all its donors and supporters around the world a ‘shana tova’. May you and your families enjoy a year of good health, happiness and success.

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