2016 Interim Report

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2016 Interim Report

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8 November 2016


The Future Generation Fund (FGF) is a classic study in charity, ensuring that donations – large and small – are converted into making a direct positive impact on the lives of children, young adults and their families in Jerusalem and surrounding areas. Overheads are kept to a minimum. The officers are committed, offering their hours solely on a voluntary basis.


Throughout 2016, FGF has continued with its core activities. For example: –

  • Training courses– FGF has always seen training as an essential way to ensure that teenagers and young adults become part of society. Over the past few months, the charity has provided funds for people to study electrical engineering, computer programming, soux chef, interior design, cosmetics and much more.
  • Extra curricula activities– the efforts for those under 13 are also a key part of the FGF. We have helped children learn to swim, provided support for an autistic child to play sport, and sponsored numerous children in general sport activities and thus enhancing their internal self-confidence.
  • Emergency purchases– FGF is frequently asked to help fund equipment and household items. These have included fridges, mobility machines, hearing aids, beds, and water heaters.


As ever, it is near impossible to record all the numerous cases that FGF deals with. Most involve children or teenagers. Without counting specifically, a heavy proportion of the files relate to Sephardi families.

What follows is a sample of the cases approved over the past few months: –

  • A handicapped teenager and with a handicapped father. 4 other children in the family. Support was given to help the youth learn to repair mobile phones, and thus develop a profession.
  • A 60 year old divorcee with 4 children was forced to move flats, as she could not physically handle the steps. The move was paid for by the FGF.
  • A physically challenged mother with 3 children, one of whom is an epileptic and the other two are autistic. Two of the children were able to attend lessons in swimming therapy.
  • A single mother with two young children has been estranged from her husband due to his violent outbursts. The flat was flooded. The FGF contributed towards some of the extensive plumbing that was required.
  • In a situation where there are 6 children, the father has been banned from the household and the mother cleans for a living, the FGF paid for two psychometric tests so that the children would be given extra help in school.
  • A young girl with severe Downs Syndrome. The mother is too ill to work. The FGF paid for special glasses for the girl.
  • A very bright Ethiopian girl has been forced to help her family financially by working. The FGF has paid a significant sum to help fund her student accommodation.

It should be stressed that the FGF rarely pays for all the costs of each item.


The FGF is currently grappling with three administrative issues

1) We have accepted the need to update the website. Minimal sums are to be allocated, and also for a more professional newsletter. As stated in the introduction, historically the charity has always been concerned about the level of overheads and has sought to restrict them.

It is worth mentioning that creating a new site is usually a very time-consuming issue, which is not easy to absorb as volunteers.

2) We are making continuous efforts to expand the donor base of FGF. We believe that we can inform you of some success in the next report.

3) We are always looking to recruit new active members. With this regard, the efforts of Ramel Lavi have been amazing.

A full report for 2016 will be prepared early next year.

The Future Generation Fund knows that you have a choice. That is why we ensure that the “return on your investment” is as great as possible, both in terms of keeping our running costs to a minimum and also ensuring that as many families as possible can benefit.

The committee takes this opportunity to thank all of our donors and we hope that you can remain loyal and supportive of our work in the future.

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